What are the specifications to prepare and order of an album made with Photoshop?

To make sure that we can keep the regular processing time it is necessary to prepare the layouts and orders by following a few simple instructions; this will allow a faster management in the making of the album:

  • Always use PSD templates available in the customer area in order to respect the printing dimensions  of the spreads; 
  • Arrange the pages of the layout in a clear and consequential way. We suggest you name the individual files JPG or TIFF starting from number 001: ex. 001.jpg, 002.jpg, 003.jpg, etc.
  • We also recommend to attach the appropriate color profile to the individual file for a better color management when printing; 
  • Always consider the abundances of press to avoid that during the trimming of the album some important parts of the images get lost. 

For further information you can write to customercare-en@celebra.it

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