Terms of service of Celebra layout service - Photographic album and fine art album

Standard layout

Up to 35 spreads (70 pages) per project


Up to 140 photos per project; 


Medium layout

From 35 spreads (70 pages) to 45 spreads (80 pages) per project


From 140 photos to 250 photos per project; 


Extra layout

over 45 spreads (90 pages) per project


from 250 photos to 400 photos per project; 


General conditions

Photographers must send only the photos to be used for the project and the name of the files must contain a sequence that allows Celebra employees to create a layout according to the chronological order. The photos must already be post produced, in high resolution and in JPG format. 

If photographers want Celebra to take care of the selection of files, there will be a charge of € 10 + VAT for each project. 

Photographers must indicate to Celebra employees the layout style they want before the composition of the layout, giving directions when sending the order through the customer area or even sending sample images. Otherwise, Celebra will adopt a standard and minimal style, at the discretion of the operator. 

Photographers must indicate if there are subjects or events photographed which are of greater or minor importance so that to arrange the disposition and size of the photos. These indications must be written in the field notes inside the customer area. 

Celebra layout service includes a first serie of changes up to 40% of the layout after the first printing test. Celebra will charge additional € 40 + VAT for further changes to the layout above mentioned, notifying the photographer in advance via email. 

During the layout process it is possible to include texts provided they are maximum 100/120 characters; in case the texts are longer there will be an additional charge of € 10 per project.

The correction of red-eyes is responsibility of the photographer; however, Celebra employees can take care of it with a charge of € 10 per project.

Celebra employees can perform toning and other effects on images when required through the field notes while sending the project; it should be specified which kind of toning or effect to perform and on which file. If the service is requested for over 25 images, there will be a charge of € 10 per project. 

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