What are color correction and color balance?

Celebra makes a meticulous quality control at all stages of the production process and color management is our strong point.

When you export for printing with GraceHD or send a project from the customers' area, depending on the type of product and the software used to make the layout, we apply different policies for the management and the correction of color. You can find below a summary table useful to know what controls apply: you can choose to:

* It is possible to request the option do not correct, so that Celebra do not intervene on the color of your files. In this case, you do the color control and color balance yourself, taking care to attach to any images used in the project your color profile;

** The submission of the printed preview must be selected when sending the order and is a paid service;

Celebra apply the service of preprinting check without intervening in any way on color or on the color balance of the image;

For a correct use of color profile it is also necessary the use of appropriate equipment (monitors, scanners, etc ...) and the frequent maintenance of the same as well as the procedures for re-calibration.

Celebra is available to provide you with the appropriate training of color management; certified teachers are available for courses useful to provide the necessary training to make you become an expert in color management.

For more information about it, please contact our customer care service by emailing customercare-en@celebra.it

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